Ida y Vuelta

Ida y Vuelta

This short-length black and white movie with 1950's feel, a period when the lack of gimmicks and parasite elements holds authentic truth, takes us to the essential.

The duo relates the monologue of the two dancers during their last meal. It is fed by signs, confessions, recollections, in turn stifled, deadened and silently laden with emotions. It is the disarming weight of seconds that pass, linked to the impossibility of halting them. And than the case. This object that tells a tale all by itself. Both a carrier and instigator, it expresses the distance from a departure to new horizons and new choices.

Giuseppe Bucci - Director, Author, Choregraph

Charles Mugel - Chief cameraman, Sound and light director, Film editor

Benjamin Bonnet - Production assistant

Catherine Felli - Chief cameraman assistant

Ambre Pini, Giuseppe Bucci - Dancers

25 minutes

Fluxum Foundation's co-production

Official selections:

Mecal Festival International de Cortometrajes Barcelona

Short Film Corner Festival de Cannes 2012 Cannes

FIFA Festival International du Film sur l'art Montréal

Loikka Dance Movie Festival Helsinki