Résonance Initiatique

Résonance Initiatique

Resonance Initiatique is a performance, combining movement, dance improvisation
and graphic art.

In interaction with the spectators, the initiated, Giuseppe Bucci, engages in his rite of passage alongside his guide, Véronique de Freudenreich. The duo's performance combines the media of paintbrushes, skin and movement to move across eleven metres of paper. The project revisits how humans act out their rites of passage. Throughout the stages of the performance's evolution, the initiated experiences perpetual purification through the transformation of his own movements and their vibration. This venture is an onerous journey into the unknown, often marked by pain and anguish. The initiated endures chaotic phases of profound introspection, akin to a trance-like state. The painting emerges and bears witness to his inner metamorphosis: a passage of light, a sequence of forces, resembling a spiritual reconstruction.

Giuseppe Bucci - Director, Author, Choregraph

Véronique de Freudenreich - Painter, Performer

Jonathan O'Hear - Light designer

Gregory Batardon - Photographer

Pierre Henry - Music

45 minutes